Letter from the North

It’s Xmas day and blogs are in a Holding pattern

I have a weeks worth of posts from Sat 16th Dec, but they need Teresa to check they are in a readable approximation of English. She is a tad busy at the moment. Autistic me needs her to do it NOW (well actually Sat 23rd when they were finished), but loving husband understands she has far too much on her plate and I need to be patient. The following week (starting 23rd) is well in hand.

So, I am here, I am OK, not good, not bad, OK and I’m happy with that. Teresa is struggling and I am doing all I can to keep pressure of any sort away from her and encourage her to down tools and pause whenever she needs to. Right now she is asleep in an arm chair and the Turkey is waiting to go into the oven and it can sit there waiting for the next week if she needs it to 🙂 

So, the next installment is on it’s way but may be a few more days

Happy Xmas one and all

The Bean, 9:20am, Pendeen, Christmas Day

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  • Bill goodyear

    Happy Christmas to you guys too. Thanks fir these posts David. It is becoming very important to read then, which arises out of your honesty I think. Anyway, find good times and let the bad times happen and then let go of them….. lots of love

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