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Three-month Scan results and Litfest is here 2-Jul-2018

Waiting to give a talk on Autism to the Open University at Warwick University back in 2015 – hmmmm, what will I wear for Pz Litfest 2018?

Well, I have just had my three-month scan results and if you are Teresa, they are excellent (whoop de doop), if you are me they are OK (shrug of shoulders). Are we responding to the same results? Well yes, of course, but we communicate them in very different ways. Teresa with bags of emotion, me with none. Do I have no emotion? Of course not, I have an overload of emotions. However, my emotions and my brain are not wired together very well, so I know they are there, I am very well aware of them, but I cannot connect them to my experience of, and contact with, the world around me. So, in the way I process things, the mets (metastasis) haven’t shrunk and the cancer could be growing even now (it’s one week since the scan) and in three months’ time the situation could be dire.

I am pleased, but I don’t FEEL pleased or show it. Teresa is pleased and you can see it radiating from every pore!

Still, time to move onward to Litfest and our presentation.

What might you expect when you come along? Well, for starters, there’s what is advertised in the program. Teresa and I will be talking about the problems to be overcome when someone who lacks a fluent ability in written language writes a blog they would like others to able to understand, and the challenges of editing such a blog to ensure that goal is met – well, sort of…

However, there will also be space to look at some of the blog content i.e. the issues the blog talks about and how it approaches these challenging subjects.

There is much that is unsayable in our society and these are the things that Bean talks about in the blogs, from frequent discussion of poo-related problems to open discussion of how cancer affects our lives; of how different the world experience is for an autistic and the challenges he faces being ‘out’ as non-binary gendered and how it affects Teresa, and indeed what the term “gender” actually means.

How much of these areas we cover will depend on whether you, the attendees, have particular preferences or needs. We can occupy all the time talking, but I don’t like talking ‘at’ people, or even ‘to’ people, I like talking ‘with’ people, so hopefully there will be some interaction – but fear not, it’s not compulsory, I’m just offering the possibility for anyone who chooses to grasp it.

That offer is open before, during and after the session.

And, despite how uncomfortable I am with self-publicity, I’m told I cannot go without providing a link to book a ticket, so:

Get your tickets here, where you will also find out that my “unique style will surprise and engage you.”, apparently 🙂

The Bean, Pendeen, 2-Jul-2018

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