Letter from the North

Where did July go?

The short answer is in a heatwave!

Now I love the fact that a heatwave down here in West Penwith is more like 25 than the 33 Deg C they face up country, but it is too hot for me.

These blasted (but wonderful at the same time) Cancer drugs plus hot weather take even more energy out of me than the drugs or heat would normally do and as a result I have difficulty doing anything more than the bare minimum and often not even that. I can just about hold my job together but even a 10 minute expense of energy to help Teresa or even a tad of cooking wipes me out for hours.

So, my notes for the blogs for the last four weeks are sitting here, but the energy to do something with them is sadly lacking and likely to stay that way till the weather eases off and I can finish them and publish them. That might sound a bit useless, it’s only typing after all, the trouble is it also requires thinking and that is very difficult to do with this level of fatigue!

So, yes I’m still here, no I am not all right but I should survive and am hanging on till the weather eases off and hoping I get a little more energy and less fatigue than I have right now.


All that extra fatigue plus having a bad week for Diarrhea and I’m not having a lot of fun right now 🙂 

The Bean, Pendeen, 25-Jul-2018

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