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The price of pleasure is high – 25-Aug-2018

Teresa finishing our setup at Towersey

Sat 25-Aug-2018  

Okay, decision time: we will be leaving Towersey Folk Festival this evening: last night was freezing cold and torrential rain is forecasted for tomorrow. 

Normal-ish poo this morning, but then severe diarrhoea attacks this afternoon, three Imodium instants taken before it calmed down – see Towersey Blog. 

Left Towersey just before 10pm. 

Sun 26-Aug-2018  

Got to Gordano services and it was clear some sleep was needed (by me), so we did our usual: having found an isolated spot we put the front windscreen and window cover on to reduce the light for Teresa, and wrapped ourselves in duvets, pillows and cushions  

We slept from 12:15am to 6:30am. Quite a good sleep. 

Last time we were at these services I used the men’s loo and got rather distressed and Teresa and I went through a miserable time. This time I had a radar key and avoided that problem, phew that was a relief! 

As last time, we didn’t have coffee at Gordano but drove on down to Sedgemoor services, this time we went in together, but ate in the car – it was so much quieter there – no screaming kids that take over service stations, especially during the summer holidays. 

Yes, I was one of those parents too, but my children were NOT allowed to scream or run amok, … 

Stopped at Cornwall services for food and coffee, home around 1pm, pussycats pleased to see us. 

Later on, in the afternoon I helped Teresa unpack Angelique 

Mon 27-Aug-2018  

Oh dear, my “shoulder blade area” has gone, like it did a few weeks ago after helping #3 son collect some stuff from his room. Just as painful, hurts to even lean on my back while sitting, no chance of laying on my back so I have to risk sleeping on my side and hope those antibiotics have sorted the pain in my cheek. 

Loading and unloading the lawnmower “by hand” is increasingly difficult for me, so I decided to invest in some ramps so that it can be done single handed, albeit the ramps themselves are not light! 

Tue 28-Aug-2018  

Phew, those antibiotics seem to have done something, it’s not right but last night I could sleep on my side and hence side of my face and avoid my painful shoulder. Hope that means it was an infection and the anti-biotics have “nailed” it? 

My shoulder is still complaining, probably from the packing at Towersey and unpacking on Sunday afternoon. 

On holiday from work but still got some work done. 

Diarrhoea still in full flow, this evening it was all normal (not had that for ages), but followed 10 minutes later by “explosive”; it is exhausting. 

I saw this article on the BBC News Web Site, Bridesmaid spends 15 hours escaping wedding 

That is me: if I can manage to avoid staying away from home for even one night, I will; it’s one of the elements of festivals that I have to fight in order for us to go at all. I “can” treat Angelique as a bit of a home-from-home but everything around me isn’t home and so it’s still a problem. You will see in next week’s blog how I drove 400 miles there and 400 miles back for an intensive assessment and only stayed away for one night and if I could have done it with no nights I would have! 

Wed 29-Aug-2018  

Back at work but working from home since my shoulder is still complaining and driving would be dangerous. 

The ramps have arrived, unpacked but not tried them yet. They are heavy! Come as a pair and each one is manageable, but they are bulky. Oh well, needs must.  

Thu 30-Aug-2018  

At work 

Tried out the ramps and to get from house to outside they are brilliant; tested them against the van and it looks OK, but no point actual testing until I need to get the lawnmower into the van 

Fri 31-Aug-2018  

At work in the office at home. Normal poo at 8:30, less so at 9:30 and here we go again as I write …. 


As usual, whether it’s a good festival or not, my body takes a hammering and it’s a week before I am truly over it. It doesn’t stop us going of course, but there is a price than I (we) never had to pay even 12 months ago 🙁 . Do I regret the price, well it depends on your perspective, compared to what? Being dead – hell yes! Otherwise, ….

The Bean, Pendeen, 10-Sep-2018 



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