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A RAW trip to London – 5-Nov – 10-Nov 2019

Mon 05-Nov-2018   

What follows are original, contemporariously (or as Google tells me, contemporaneously, the spell checker couldn’t handle my “guess”) notes for our trip to London. They look like a typical first draft of ANY of these blogs. 

New 1st class.skeeper lounge at Pz. Helpful memberbof staff sorted out our booked assistance.. 

Boarsing eaay buggy in guards they did ramp alll smooth. 

Teresa customery red wine innlounge but hated new layoit more club than old atyle pulman. 

Train stopped between truro and snoael cos someone saw soarks from rear coach as it left truro. Driver thought all ok and did “quick” teat and 58 mins later we were on our way. 

By now torally awake and atressed we night have to change trains Ibdidnt sleep and that waa true all night. I guess I dozed a bit but really not much today will be tough with fatigue. 

Pulled in 20 mins late and i got up and shaved and bow 6am and dressed and breakfast in its way for me. Teresa hooing all go away will have oj for now and will wash and nakeup in oadders 1dt class . Sleepers loinge. 

The rubebis yet to cone 


No probs getting biggy off and getting tobtube. Ivwas stressed and we nagged tfl to send someone down with us to make aure tubebok. It was bit of a bump across thebgap but ok. Ditto kings x. 

7.40 teresaa cafe neroncoffee me hot chic. Tubes a bit bumpy and you have to guess where thedisabked coach wilk stop … leveish access only 3 inch ir so so a bump but ok. 

Picking up bagette fir mud mornings then off to hotel to dtop of suitcase and then onto traing nvco. The lawnmower has landed 

Walked to hotel well me on buggy and left suitcase and then yo nvco by canal. There bout 9ish? Teresa escorted to room and was reluctant to keave me even thougj like there. From then on all ok. People not that chatty but mainlynpros and so me being A they prob feel not lot in commob? 

Poo full constipation. Not surpsise after not lot fluid but worrying hope iy eases 

Course was ok as exoected  

Mega nonprobs so at lunchraided grapes and cucumber … see these txt msgs (sent over the next two days) that I sent to Teresa … coincidence??? 

13.21 Tummy a ness. Aches and says wants to go and nothing happens but a bit of fart. Driving me nuts. Drugs time tonight!!! 

13.21 I tell a lie a tad of progress! 

13.22 I tell a lie. Explosive progress!!! 

13.26 I told another lie now we are talking Barney. All in the spce of a few mins. Not sure whats next  

14.25 from teresa Ok room is titchy and you wont get the buggy in unless you block door and bathroom! On the other hand you will need buggy for the maze of corridors! We need to talk to the women on desk to see if there’s a service room where you can leave/charge it. Think better to do that with you as picture tells 1000 words 🙂 

14.59 Oh no. Bean in panic about scooter anywhere away from him. Will let it sleep in the bed and bean will sleep on floor or in the bathroom. Major panic xxx 

Wed 12.03 Went to loo prior to session starting now at 11.44. Nothing happening. Really wanted this session but as it started massive pains and had to return to the lpo. Yup thats what it wanted. Now need to make sure thats all there is. Drives me absolutely nuts being thia controlled. Definitely worse than a month or so ago 🙂 .  

Ph well better out than on. Time to see if it will now settle down. 

12.36 30 mins later increasing pain so back here and bottom touches loo and massive Barney. I am fed up!!! 

BUT no need for Benisons I can cope 

14.40 Took an instant last time but here again with anothwr barney and taking another insstant. Now I am really fed up  

Xhronic headache too prob dehydration now! 

Back to Tuesdays notes: 

Wveryone keen to have luke as super isor so I decided to be chilled and give phd student chance. 

Need to find out what assignments are as feel not learning anything new from oreaentations did aak about objective him shu and nas and … 

Finished 4pm and teresa was downstaurs waiti f fir me ans we went back to hotek 

She had been visiting london museum and then spent time a hotel check in shower and writing in nice bar area. 

Mega tired and txt from teresabthat room too small for buggy 

Mega panic as it turns out it fits just at bottom of bed. 

Had nap 4.30 to 6pm and just woken and down in bar. Feel awful with just woken feelung. Luke a zombi. 

Crashed and hope will do again tonight and so feel more refreshed tomorrow right now livung dead time 

Macaron and cheese meat balls in bar. Worry cos its tubes I know its all oasta but childhood food at school … 

And tonic water for srink 

Wed. Day 2.  

Bed by 9 and slept to 6. My slept ie broken but …breakfast ok teresa getting me oret sandwich then iff we gi. 

Tricky conversation as I tried to talk thru my concerns about not learning new so switch iff and try to find out assugnments so can use that as focus? 

Here mega early and reported yesyedaus blocked loo hopefully sorted. 

Teresa got me a pet xmas sandwich. Rain nonprob 

Furst in room 

Went to bed for strictly 7pm laying down. Bit awake due to snorkling. 6am sore tummy and soo poo time notbgreat. 

Feel very nauseus. Going to try minimal eating to see ifbit helps today. 

B.fast just crunchy nit no oj or toast. 


Had drugs backnon Ondansetrontoday so hope better nausea. Also tool loperimide so double blocker so hopefully bidybtries to be a bit normal if I am careful with food quantity?.. 

Lasted to 2.30pm then stsrt of pain warning. D. Yes barney no but took an instant anyway just in case. 

Tummy remsins sore but ok. Tummy prob means intestine I think. 

Nausea is ok but  

Both Teresa and I simultaneously wonderbifbits the water as she has noticed things being “easier” forbher thats not the same aa it is for me but … at the hotel lounge asbits a nice interim spot tobstart our 7vwqit from now 4.25 to the sleeper depart at 11.45 though boardingbusually 10.30pm. 

Not drinking water means no tea nobice … bought bottle welah water from Oret a amnger and hope ifbitbis water the change will settle my body asbits just now sending alarmm messages!!! As soon as teresa gets nack witht he tonic water I will daah to the loo!!! 

No action but took another looermide just to be aure. Diaoreah on the rube or railway stations is NOT a bice idea!!! 

Emergency button air con control out of reach of the bed. Door control lights shine right on your eyes. 

Grab handles to transfer to from bed 

The Bean, Pendeen, 21-Nov-2018 




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