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DIY Week, and a bit of poo – 01-Dec-2018

It is one of those axioms that if Burly lies down he looks cute.

Sorry for the delay, Sunday we arrived back from Exeter late and yesterday was scan day and I felt particularly poorly before and after.

Sat 01-Dec-2018

Time to try and recover a little of the lost building work from over a year ago. After the accident at the end of last October I was about to modify this room into my Daughter’s bedroom – she had moved back home. 

Wham, the accident put paid to that but the room was full of the building materials already bought, including an 8’x4’ sheet of marine plywood for a new roof for the wood store. 

Folks from the office moved my desk+ to the house so I could work from home, but all the building material was just pushed to the side. It was very cramped and only got more so as I needed more gear to do my job. 

So, I have the stamina of a jelly, but I can get some of the physical work done, I’ve taken a week off work and need to slowly pace myself through the next week to get enough done to make it a more livable space. 

It will not be great, but it should feel less like a dump.  

Still there is progress and this computer is now reconnected, a lot more work to do but I need to pace myself and today is a quiet day before starting again tomorrow. 

I can manage the physical effort, albeit in small doses but it renders my brain incapable of thinking, I end up on automatic pilot and incapable of intelligent thought. 

Oh well, at least I didn’t mention the P word? 

Teresa bought be some Xmas bedding today, I like it

Sun 02-Dec-2018

Continuing on the room 

Mon 03-Dec-2018   

I was hoping as part of the process I could get at some trunking behind the skirting board in the room to find the lighting cables that are short circuiting the lights in here, our downstairs loo and front porch. 

No good, they are hidden in the roof space which is inaccessible without ripping down the ceiling 🙁 . So I’m going to do need to do some more fancy detective work to see if the short is in accessible wiring and if not where it is before ripping down a load of ceilings. 

No, I can’t get to them through the upstairs floorboards. Above me is our bathroom and Teresa has just had a new floor laid, suggesting that is taken up will go down like a lead balloon (quite rightly so too) 

Mixer up, Amplifier up, speakers and sub are wired in, PC sounds never sounded like this 🙂 . 

Next get my Raspberry PI + HiFi Berry up and connected to the network so I can play from our NAS drive with better quality than my PC can deliver. 

Still, I got all the work audio and target PC to wire up, good to get sounds back! 

3pm, no afternoon nap and feeling proper tired! 

Someone coming down here to see the Contra and hopefully buy it. Not cheap for him but a mega loss for me, but I rarely play it and Teresa doesn’t need the problem of disposing of it after I have died. So, if it comes off, the money will provide some “fun” for us in the present and that’s the way it goes. 

Part of the process of sorting this room and indeed the sitting room is disposing of things like books, CD’s DVD’, stuff that I will not have the time to do anything with between now and my personal D-Day (the opposite of B-Day 🙂 ), this cutting away is difficult but necessary, it reduces the problem facing Teresa and it helps me accept what is coming my way. Not the I will ever accept it as “acceptable”, but it is “inventible” and that I do know. 

3:25pm, the raspberry PI is up and hooked into the desk and we have sound and access to all of my MP3 archive, yeah!!! 

He likes the contra and has agreed to buy it. Selling it was a healthy loss but it means Teresa doesn’t need to dispose of it (have I said all of this already?). Anyway, job done and money in bank 

Tue 04-Dec-2018   

Very exhausted but one job that was already long overdue before the accident last year was to replace the roof on our second wood store. 

DONE, well done Teresa, well done Bean, that’s me shot for the day. 

Relieved I can do some DIY but disappointed how little stamina I have, some of that must be lack of fitness, but some of it is just that old friend of fatigue. 

Poo, it has been scarily normal today, why scary, well, in my paranoid world, does that mean the drugs have stopped working? It’s awful when diarreah “runs but at the same time it says the drug is doing “something” not necessarily holding the cancer at bay, but my body hasn’t totally defeated it. I worry about that because once my body in general and the caner in particular work out how to ignore the drug, the cancer progresses and we have that step down. Given the worry about my lungs and well, … 

Never mind, we had sausage meal tonight – in full form it’s roast pots, a sausage (thick and meaty from local butcher), large field mushroom, onion and peas. 

I’m not a fan of onion in the meal so skip that, peas well, my body hates anything green, but I did have the mushroom despite knowing they can trigger my digestive system, but things have been good so fingers crossed. 

1.5 hours later and you can guess, the flood gates open. Two hours after that and what was left (I can’t believe there was anything) made it’s exit. I took a risk and didn’t take drugs; the morning will reveal … 

Wed 05-Dec-2018   

Well, “close” to normal, close enough for my decision to avoid drugs last night to be vindicated, worrying as it was being in bed without a safety (poo) net 🙂 

Today I was to go to the opticians with Teresa as we always do that together (to discuss frames as much as anything), Teresa had even confirmed they would put out a ramp for me to get into Specsavers (good for them), but it’s torrential rain and forecasted all morning and we are having a weekends break up Exeter way this weekend and getting soaked on the buggy as preparation doesn’t seem like a good idea. 

Ain’t be sure how the weekend will go as we return on Sunday and the scan is on Monday, hopefully the peak of scanxiety will hold off till after the scan? 

So, this morning it’s wiring up my test computer so that next week I can get back to work, not sure why sorting out work equipment is done on my time (I am on holiday) but the company have bent over backwards for their support of me so it seems the least I can do, it is only a few hours after all. 

1.5hrs later and it’s wired up and has audio running through it too. RESULT, I am back to what I had but with a lot more space to work with and with better speaker position (in front is SO much better than behind, ears don’t work the same backwards 🙂  

Knackered and yet all I did was run a few cables and walk around the house finding some bits. The backlog from the (minimal) work I have done over the last 4 days has taken its toll and I need to be sensible for a while and leave the mess that’s behind me till another day (which means tomorrow), oh well, even if I get no more done, there is so much more potential in here to get it really sorted that the effort has been worthwhile AND delivered a sense of achievement that has been lacking over the last year. 

Remember bean it is an HDMI to VGA adapter not a VGA to HDMI – that’s why your HDMI monitor wouldn’t work on the dual screen VGA adapter! Changed monitor, downloaded driver and test machine now has twin monitors – albeit monitors that are some of the earliest clunky LCD ones, but for the test system perfectly useable – waste not want not! 

Thu 06-Dec-2018   

Don’t suppose anyone will thank me, but as I seem to be a poo person 🙂 , I saw this on the BBHC web site, “Why do people experience phantom rectum?”  which is about Stoma’s (poo bags on the tummy), I can imagine the thoughts, “oh Bean, do you really need to?”. The answer is yes, I do, before Bean dies, he’s going to have his readers (few though they may be) so chilled about Cancer and Body functions they are blaze?  Well, I can hope 🙂  

I wanted “blaze” to sound like the word that means “chilled” but no idea how to spell it or prompt my spell checker or google to help, I suspect an e acute might help but no idea how to get one of them in here either!!! 

My own poo report, well from good yesterday morning, to not so yesterday (but not explosive) early evening and double not so (explosive) at midnight! But, “almost” not diarreah this morning so can’t complain 

Another step forward in sorting this room out, I can see light at the end of the tunnel. 

The rest of the day is somewhat of a blur I am totally exhausted with less cognitive skills than Burlington (and it is a well-known fact he only has one brain cell and he inherited that from Gus!) 

Off to Exeter tomorrow, full of trepidation, it is supposed to be a nice weekend away, but me, being me, it’s a fine line, I know we need to, it’s nice for Teresa, it will be OK for me and may even have some high points (like Show of Hands on Friday night), but worries about hotel rooms, disabled access, parking, poo, being away from home can get in the way. 

It’s the same with folk festivals, it’s not that I don’t want to, but like an agoraphobic, I just don’t want to leave my safe space (home) because it is a scary world out there. 

Oh well, we will see and I will report back here about how Friday went on Monday morning (AFTER the CT scan) before releasing this week’s blog. 

Fri 07-Dec-2018   

We went up to Exmouth today at the start of our weekend away in Devon, there is a full write up of this, but if I try and add it here, it will be a few days before this blog escapes, so I will pre-prend it to next (this) weeks’s, I hope that is ok (tough if it isn’t 🙂 )


Scan on Monday, blood test Wednesday, results in 10 days, clearly it is going to be a chilled and relaxed time till then??? 

The Bean, Pendeen, 11Dec-2018 



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