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Poo pills, Blue Pills, it’s all pills 13-Apr-2019

The base of the bed for the campervan before mattress cushions are added

Sat 13-Apr-2019

Decided to go for a walk this morning, didn’t go far but more than I’ve done for ages.

Poo incidents in the evening, no loperamide

After my nap we tried the Blue pills again, well they are getting better but no ramrod effect yet 🙂 , oops should I not mention the blue pills?

How little you understand me, nothing embarrassing about erectile dysfunction it is incredibly common and chemical help is available, the fact that it’s struggling to help me is part of my talking about things that nobody likes to 🙂

As it happens, I also read the list of side effects – I do this with ALL drugs I take for safety to spot possible interactions and issues.

The list for Sildenafil is long and very scary, I wonder how many people bother to check?

Sun 14-Apr-2019

Woke up exhausted, however a very normal poo day, tea this evening was Teresa’s chicken and mushroom pie. The original “Poo Pie” which is an awful thing to say about a lovely pie, but does describe the consequences of those mushrooms for me.

So took a loperamide before tea and all was well, I suspect I will pay a price tomorrow, but such is life

Did some detective work to try and find where the power to some of our lighting is shorting out (blue sparks at the distribution panel) only to find that there is NO power. We had an “electrician” replace the distribution panel and find the original fault. He failed to find the fault but did put the faulty circuit on its own circuit breaker and left me to find the problem! We had left that breaker off since he was here since I was rather pre-occupied with broken bones and cancer.

Well, it turns out the circuit breaker is fine but there is NO power to anything from it. Unfortunately tracing the cable to find the fault is difficult since it starts behind the distribution panel and disappears into a wall.

So, I have one place where it might go and I will check that and then we need a better electrician to

  1. Remove the replacement panel
  2. Help find the connection that is not doing anything
  3. Replace the panel and this time use something better than “choc boxes” (my name, there is a pic here from Amazon. In any case their use has made the distribution panel a rat’s nest of cabling and not what I would consider professional or safer 🙁

Frustratingly I could fix it but I am

  1. Not “certified” for electrical work – stupid rule, I seem more competent than many that are! Away from the distribution panel I have no worries but inside it is permanently live!
  2. It would need removing the main (service) fuse into the house am I definitely neither qualified nor trained for that and I wouldn’t trust myself either especially with my (now) shaky hands.

So, I don’t mind paying someone to do it, but finding someone who is both competent at doing the job properly and also not fazed by the bizarre wiring we have in this house – more spurs than rings, indeed I’m not sure we actually have any rings!

Hey ho, but need to get sorted (before I die), so trying to crack on despite all the other pulls on my massively limited time (because of fatigue)

Mon 15-Apr-2019

All quiet on the loo front which is worrying, even though expected. Just plodding on with work.

Tue 16-Apr-2019

At work, tired not much else to say

Wed 17-Apr-2019

I’m sure there was stuff,, but clearly I didn’t make a note, so it’s ben and gone!

Might you have noticed how exhausted I am?

Thu 18-Apr-2019

Hmm, nothing all day ion the poo department, starting to get concerned, especially as we are out all day tomorrow!

Oops, I had all of Teresa’s presents ready, had sorted them at Xmas and was sure I had wrapped them, I hadn’t, I quickly did so, all I had was Xmas wrapping paper, oh well, oops!

Fri 19-Apr-2019

Teresa’s Birthday, sadly no photos, we both forgot, shame

Still mega exhausted but today that MUST take a back seat.

Me up at 5am and Teresa around 6:40am (I said I would wake her around 6:15-6:30, but I couldn’t. It meant we were late leaving and later arriving, but, ….

Still all quiet on the digestive front

Antiques fair at Royal Cornwall show ground in Wadebridge. No big difficulty with traffic (my worry) and in OK.

Disabled parking helps and easy extraction of the buggy.

We went a year ago (not on her Birthday, it’s just this year Good Friday aligned. Anyway, I didn’t have the buggy then and moved very slowly, it was cold and damp and Teresa did not have a good time. This time, with me whizzing around we had a lovely few hours. For me it’s all boring but I love seeing Teresa enjoying herself so I do vicariously … Also, it was a lovely sunny day – I had sunscreen on (necessary, the drugs make my skin hyper sensitive to the sun) and I felt really good, albeit exhausted!

I had also booked us into the Gurnards Head for lunch, 2pm was the best we could do, however we arrived around 1pm and they ushered us straight in so Teresa lost her time sitting in their garden drinking Pimm’s or whatever 🙂

A nice meal – not great but nice, we often find the lunchtime menu is not always as good as the evening but I get tired in the evenings.

Anyway, despite lots of warning signals and me eating a small amount of veg all was well in the bottom department.

Drove home along the coast road, god what muppets! Exactly how do the 4 cars behind me think that we will ALL fit into a passing place for one vehicle and how is the oncoming vehicle(s) is going to get past them when they are blocking the road so I can’t get out of the passing place.

Not once, not twice but every time – there seems to be a lack of learning going on.

Still it’s true every holiday season, it can be true with the locals who are in a hurry and feel if they drive up your exhaust pipe you will drive more recklessly.

Tough, I drive safely and read the road well ahead.

Once home, my body did the, ah so I can have unrestricted access to a toilet, off you go Bean.

I managed to wait until Teresa had unwrapped the rest of her presents and I dashed off.

45 mins later, off I went again, much more severe and a Loperamide.

As I sat on the bed before getting into it, more signals, more evacuation and more drugs. Oh well that drought is well and truly broken 🙂

Still, Teresa liked her presents, the trip out and the meal, I managed to organise (with mega help from her) a nice Birthday. Phew.

Hope I’m around to do the same next year (it’s an awful thought, but my reality is that every occasion like this may be my last, it’s not morbid, but you can never escape the thought and I am quite sure that neither can Teresa.

No nap today so bed and crashed


Not such a ranty week, well apart from the muppets who seem both unable to read the road ahead and have no idea how passing places on narrow Cornish roads (with Cornish hedges) work.

It’s the same every year, surely some of them learn, but it seems they don’t, expensive cars frightened to scrape their paint leave no room for anyone and as for finding reverse gear to back into the passing place JUST behind them, heaven forfend they must actually be courteous.

Around here we wave when someone leaves space for us to pass, it is amazing how that changes once the tourists and holiday homers arrive.

Ah well, no rants for paragraphs and the same one comes along twice 🙂

The Bean, Pendeen, 21-Apr-2019

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