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Saturn V lift off – 22-Jun-2019

Oops, a tad late but it’s here now 🙂 , even later because the website host wasn’t working for a while – sorry, that bit is out of my control

That picture should have been in last week’s blog as it was taken at Gower – see how cold and miserable it was – this was taken in the barn where the food, drink and singing stuff (that Teresa struggled with) were held. It was warmer in the main marquee but not a lot – just less drafty (which is why I have a hat and a hood up!)

Sat 22-Jun-2019

In the afternoon felt bored and fed up and so got my act together and started building my Xmas present Saturn V Lego set.

Why has it taken so long, yes, the PgCert (which incidentally I got a (just) distinction for) took a lot of my time, but the truth is that I am suffering from a lot of “why bother” inertia and getting past that can be difficult.

Sun 23-Jun-2019

In the afternoon finished the job

Mon 24-Jun-2019

Out of the blue bad diarrhoea – not as bad as before the new diet, but enough to take Loperamide and have 2 loo trips in a short space of time.

Tue 25-Jun-2019

In the office in Penryn but nothing in the loo department

Wed 26-Jun-2019

A little in the loo department but fairly constipated!!!

The Brighton tailor whose identity became his business

Totally agree, before I dressed (publicly) the way I do now, I refused to get married “boring” posh or indeed casual and hence the outfit below made for me

Not the best pic, you cannot see the magnificent sewing on the waistcoat, I slouch awfully, …, but it’s the quickest I could find, sorry. The guy at the back on the far right is our friend Bon who died (last year I think), far better posture than me!

If I were to marry now then, like Teresa then (who made her own dress in red and gold), I would wear a dress (though not a white wedding dress – that is so stereotypical for cross dressers which I am not, but people think I am)

Thu 27-Jun-2019

Hmmm, BBC 1 news this morning talking about Transgender hate crime. Which is awful, no argument. But what environment are they shown in – a club, lots of lights and music. Most events organised by the Beaumont Society (google it 🙂 ) are of that type.

Fine, but it is very stereotyping by its own community. I know an awful lot of gay people and they don’t all love gay bars; they often are just quietly getting on with their lives like everyone else. The same is true for Transgender, Transsexual, Non-Binary (me), even cross dressing.

I get deeply distressed that normal people (who happen to be LGBTQ…) somehow are expected to “perform” a certain stereotype. For those that do, great, but let’s not ignore what is, I suspect, the greater proportion who just get on with life outside of anyone’s radar.

As part of my Autism MA, my 2nd essay was about hidden autistics, those that aren’t diagnosed, don’t even self-identify, they just got on with living their different, but fine by them, lives. Nobody researches them because they have no way of finding them. Same with LGBTQ…, research looks at people who can be found (and have no problem being found) it doesn’t touch what is, I proposed in my essay) the below the surface part of the iceberg.

Oh well, I shall continue talking to myself :-).

Fri 28-Jun-2019

The company I work for celebrated their 50th anniversary at Stithians showground. Despite it being full of people (the show itself is not for another week, but just the number attending the event is far too many for me), I wanted to be there and they let Teresa come along as my carer (which makes the whole event a lot easier for me to handle).

I could have put a pic of me here, but I shall save that for another time, I liked these pics of Teresa much more

Unfortunately, I had a venesection that morning so I went to West Cornwall Hospital for the vampires and then back home to collect Teresa and my food. The diet I am on is so difficult that it was easier for me to take along my own rather than faff with the menu options for stuff that worked.

Anyway, all was fine, it was mega noisy there but I’d taken along my noise cancelling headphones which reduced the level of noise to “manageable”.

After the main course (around 1:45pm, I was so tired I needed to have a nap so missed all the speeches (sounds good to me 🙂 ). Was gone for an hour and a half or so. Didn’t really sleep but was well rested.

The entertainment was a “circus”, they seemed to be a local “troupe” (Cambourne got mentioned). Bit of a curate’s egg act, more amateur than professional but good fun and definitely warmed up as the performance went on.

Still by 7pm I had had enough and we went home.


And another week passes, the poo stuff is somewhat under control but still breaks free for no apparent reason but nothing like as often as it did. It was nice getting out with Teresa to the works do, tough and exhausting but look at those pics, I so like seeing her smiling.

As for the Saturn V, I feared I would never make it to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, looking pretty good so far, having my Saturn V built helps me remember – I made an Airfix version all those years ago – so many of them. How little I understood what the future would bring.

Next week will bring the odd reflection of some of the things that I wish I could do before I die but are no longer possible (for all sorts of reasons). I’ll say it then but I also say it now, do NOT put off what you can do today, tomorrow is not guaranteed!

The Bean, Pendeen, 03-Jul-2019

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