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A new way of eating – 29-Jun-2019

One of my fav frocks

Sorry it’s a bit late!

That pic is me at Stithians yesterday, one of my favourite frocks – beats the miserable cold Bean pic taken at Gower just a few weeks ago that was in last week’s blog!

Sat 29-Jun-2019

Mainly recovering from yesterday at Stithians, so not a lot happening.

Teresa was on a stall at Golowan today, to make parking easier I took her in in the morning and collected her in the afternoon.

Golowan is not so much fun (for me) unless I’m taking part and I no longer have the energy for that.

A Sainsburys shop afterwards to get food for me to cook for during the week since Teresa won’t be around

Got some potato skins and gluten free fish in “breadcrumbs” as a test for a “cupboard” (freezer in this case) meal. Had it for tea, worked well, will have that during the week. Also got some gluten free scampi will also try that.

Sun 30-Jun-2019

Made some flapjacks as run out

Made my chicken, pesto (well just basil actually) and pasta meal – good for lunches

Mon 01-Jul-2019

Ooops forgot to book some blood tests – quick call to the surgery and got the urgent one booked for tomorrow morning – need the results for seeing the haematology consultant next Tuesday – 1 week is just enough to make sure the tests are done in time.

Made my “pseudo” chilli con carne (using tinned chick peas as they are least problematical to digestive issues)

It will need to mature for a few days before eating

Experimenting with Xantac (ranitidine), taken in the evening to see if it does make a difference to the stomach pains

Tue 02-Jul-2019

Blood test ready for haematology consultant next week. Arrived 1/2hr early and was slotted into an empty gap and was home before the appointment was due – result!

Not in the office as blood test timing didn’t fit

Hmmm, a severe diarrhoea day today, ended up with two doses of Loperamide.

Wed 03-Jul-2019

Nil Poo

Went into the office as usual, but a fair amount of stomach/abdominal pain meant I left late morning and had lunch at home.

I suspect it’s just the abdominal consequences of so much loperamide yesterday, but, …

Thu 04-Jul-2019

Nil Poo

Fri 05-Jul-2019

Ok, the system restarts and is enthusiastic but not diarrhoea’ish during the day.

Blood pressure continues to be low so deleted the evening Moxonidine

Verdict – the ranitidine does not seem to have any material effect on the stomach pain on eating, so will stop taking and consult with GP next week


This new diet of mine is “inspired” by the issues people with IBS deal with, some people manage it with a Fodmap diet. We didn’t go 100% into it but adopted most of its guidelines and adapted for things we know are a problem for me, so:

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose free
  • Onion and Garlic free
  • Veg and fruit free (specific problems for me) – which along with meat being safe means it is NOT a vegetarian (or vegan) diet

A challenging diet to cook for, but fortunately there are, nowadays, products that help – gluten free pasta is OK, rice is safe, there is Lactose free ordinary milk (as opposed to vegan milk substitutes as I prefer the taste of milk). Rubbish biscuits – hence my flapjacks, …

Things are now more likely to be constipation than diarrhoea but about once or twice a week there can be diarrhoea but nothing like it used to be. Once I’m sure we understand what’s going on I will try and add a little fruit/veg, being careful of known Fodmap triggers.

As a plan it is working

On the other and this reducing need for BP meds is VERY worrying – it could be for awful treasons – the cancer drug has stopped working and tumours are actively growing and it’s another 2 months or so before I get any info on that!


It can be a result of the blood thinning that happens as a result of the venesection.

Clearly, we MUCH prefer the later and I will specifically ask the consultant as to whether it could be having such a drastic impact when I see him next Tuesday.

It’s easy to assume it MUST be good news, but preparing for not good or neutral is part of my way of dealing with the inevitable bad news that will at some point arrive. Being prepared takes the sting out of things and it is ALWAYS nice to hear things are better than I feared :-). That’s my way of coping, others do it different, horses for courses I say.

[UPDATE] – more next week, but the verdict is that the lower blood pressure is “probably” not caused by the venesections and is also “probably” nothing to worry about in terms of effectiveness of cancer drugs, so that’s all right then?

The Bean, Pendeen, 10-Jul-2019

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