Letter from the North

Lots of kitten stuff, Teresa off to York and Poo scare (but not mine!) – 31-Aug-2019

Sat 31-Aug-2019

Blog 3-Aug is out, otherwise I have no memory of today but probably a lot of kitten time wasting

Sun 01-Sep-2019


Mon 02-Sep-2019

I’m at work in my office, Teresa is out and the guy came over to replace our gas (cylinders) changeover valve, the plastic shroud had fallen apart due to UV and it was no longer automatic. The new one is nicely sorted, not cheap but well done.

Tue 03-Sep-2019

Went into office, otherwise???

Teresa did send me this picture of the cats puddling on her bed – nice to see all five of them in the puddle.

Wed 04-Sep-2019

Getting close to Teresa’s departure for York but apart from work I am blank

Thu 05-Sep-2019

Went to Pz station via Tesco (for sandwiches, more likely to have fresh ones out at this time of the morning), arrived at the station to put Teresa on the train for York, the first one was cancelled but a second (50 mins later) was OK, so took her to Sainsburys for other stocks for the journey.

This is the occasion when the power brick I got her for Christmas that got a wtf response (what the f***) turns out to have been a brilliant one. Teresa panics when her phone drops below 95% fully charged (I joke not) and though trains do have power, …

Back home and another, almost puddle, but Barney hadn’t really got out of bed yet!

Got a blog out (10-Aug, but it’s a start)

Afternoon no sleep no Biggles no Teresa

At long last got an appointment for an MRI of my coccyx at the Dutchy hospital (all done via insurance, so all has to be private!!!)

Made flapjacks for snacks and potato salad for lunches

Tonked to my chair 4pm …

He was a great help with eating my tea stealing chicken …

Had the kitten all night tonight

Fri 06-Sep-2019

Crap (ha) sleep last night worrying about cats.

At a loo trip (mine) around 1am there was black poo (cats) on the floor outside the cat litter tray. The solid component looked too big for Biggles, and Jane seemed very lethargic, so I took Biggles to vet just for a check over and Jane to be checked

The vet was happy with Mr Biggles but gave him his first Felv (Feline Leukaemia) jab and he gets his second plus microchip in a few weeks.

Black poo was almost certainly upper intestinal bleed. Probably caused by Jane eating kitten food (too rich). I have now stopped doing that since Biggles only wants big boy food anyway.

Fingers crossed just an (expensive) panic.

My weight is starting to tumble, starting to get worried

Couple of FB posts:

Sorry Facebook I don’t care how many ads you throw at my feed (must be 20 – 30 today) I will mark them as irrelevant and block the company.

I know you aren’t listening. I know you don’t care. I know it’s how you make your money.

But I will not passively sit back and let you do it. They are not even targeted at me!!!

Love Bean

Then a frustrating school Uniform thing on the BBC news

REALLY, who said gender neutral was what boys wear?

The answer is simple – have a single uniform including skirts and trousers and let whoever wants to wear skirts wear them, ditto trousers.

They can then choose what works in the summer and winter.

If you are bothered about skirt length (and my daughter used to wear a “belt” length skirt) then mandate that, but don’t go stupid like a certain other school about length of trousers.

Children GROW – shock horror, yes, they really do!

It’s not difficult!!!


Odd being on my own, no idea what’s happened this week, not sure other than work that I have done anything?

The Bean, Pendeen, 23-Sep-2019

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