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Blasted virus and a day in Sheffield 28-Sep-2019

Sat 28-Sep-2019

At a hotel in Sheffield city centre before the intro day for the MA later today.

Not a great night for sleep, Teresa and I have different needs – I need the TV on in the background, the light from it disturbs her sleep – one of the main reasons we sleep separately now 🙁 . Eventually I put a rubbish book on audible and it sort of worked.

Course was OK but tiring, wheelchair did sterling service

Digestive track loosened up overnight and during the day and I took Loperamide before we left to keep things quiet while driving!

Left around 4pm, traffic horrendous until out of Sheffield and then fine.

Rain came and went; it always does when we leave Sheffield!

Then Gloucester – something to eat, took drugs for usual stuff and then painkillers due to muscle and joint pain from driving Teresa’s car (I know there is a risk of BP being pushed up by the anti-inflammatory, but …)

As we drove, Teresa tried to sleep and the heavens opened.

It was grim driving but OK. South of Bristol over the Avon bridge I was in lane 3 of 4 (so much traffic) and found I had slowed so much because of the rain that all the lunatics intent on aquaplaning instead of driving were flashing me to get out of way so they could drive stupid fast. Hard to see in mirrors if someone inside of me was undertaking, also mega stupid, but that’s so many drivers now – invulnerable in their little tin boxes until they kill someone (sorry then it’s the other cars fault not theirs).

So, I signalled and slowly moved over and eventually made it to the inside lane and pockled along at 45MPH. Bad all the way. Felt more tired than expected.

Stopped at Exeter and set timer for 1hr 15min, wrapped myself in a duvet, grabbed a pillow and woke up one minute early. Then quick loo and coffee and the last bit.

I have a rule when driving at night (or any other time nowadays. If I feel tired, stop, sleep, doesn’t matter how logn journey takes so long as I get there safe. So, always duvet and pillows in the car. Golden rule – one “head nod” and stop next services and sleep no discussion or debate.

Felt much better and more focussed on driving. Rain still variable, …

Got home around 1:30am and as soon as engine off I felt awful.

Got to house and asked for “sick bowl”, I managed not to but close. Checked blood pressure and through roof and so had to take some extra BP meds – caffeine plus anti-inflammatory. Need to watch that combo.

Sun 29-Sep-2019

Got up around 7:30am and just feel very tired and run down. Very nauseous so took strong anti-nausea drug, it will push my body towards constipation, but that’s OK for now.

I feel awful, I don’t understand why!!!

Teresa always tells me that I always say “I feel awful, I can’t think why” and then points out what I’ve just done – Like drive to Sheffield, a day at the University, drive home in less than 48hrs.

It’s clear that whatever virus bug hit Teresa with being sick last week is what I’ve got on top of normal exhaustion from travelling. Have spent the day sitting in my dressing gown under a duvet with the fire on!

Oh, and a LOT of sleeping

Yup the Loperamide on Saturday before we left plus Ondansetron (anti-nausea) this morning has added up and my body is on strike

Mon 30-Sep-2019

Doing a bit of work, but not a lot is going to be going on

Still very tired

Added a small amount of broccoli to my tea, just the florets, no stalks so Fodmap safe, but not to my body, seemed OK when I went to bed and normal poo, After an hour in bed, a run to the loo and “whoosh”

Tue 01-Oct2019

Hmmm, my digestive track is still somewhat wild, the nausea is back but took the non-constipatory type of anti-nausea drug (more diarrhoea causing but that’s easier to control), …

Wed 02-Oct2019

Just dragging myself through the day, work is about all I can do

Thu 03-Oct2019

Just dragging myself through the day, work is about all I can do

Fri 04-Oct2019

Teresa and I took Biggles in for 2nd Felv (Feline leukaemia) injection and microchip – he didn’t care, then onto Sainsburys where Teresa did some basic shopping and I sat with Biggles (he stayed in his basket of course). Cannot leave an animal in the car, especially when it got hot v.quickly when the sun came out

We both got home exhausted but job done and left the weekend clear

I don’t recall all the timing but there has been some low-level SHU (Sheffield Hallam University – MA Autism, Year 2) sorting out of stuff.

I need a “carer” to help me unload the wheelchair (and reload it) and get into the building in a weeks’ time when I will be driving up to SHU on my own for the first time. Teresa hates me doing this, but I’m trying to give her more time to do Teresa stuff, plus there will come a time when I cannot do the drive on my own and that’s when I will need her more. So long as I can be (semi) independent it’s a good thing.

The University provides this service for free!

Similarly sorting out parking permit (disabled for free)

The Module site went live (I think it was) today and so a lot of effort to start to absorb what is going to be happening. I have to read and reread information dozens of times to actually understand (process) it, so it’s going to be a long weekend!


Whatever the virus was, it wiped us both out completely. Teresa was often sick, I just got nauseous and took drugs. She got tired, I got totally wiped out with fatigue, but it’s been tough for both of us. Still need to get flu jab, will sort mine out when do next blood test – which I must remember to get done!

The Bean, Pendeen, 23-Oct2019

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