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The beginning of the end for my autism MA – 05-Oct-2019

Sat 05-Oct-2019

Hmmm, seems I cannot get to my blog at the moment, raised ticket at hosting provider and wait …

Made (usual) pesto pasta – in my case “pesto” is just basil and (garlic) oil, add chicken, add dose of Devils Powder (asafoetida and fenugreek mix) and pasta, decent amount of tabasco and gazillions of (low fat) Hellman’s. Simples!

Not everyone’s cup of tea but works for me and is Fodmap friendly. The chicken is de-boned thighs – not as dry as breast of chicken and baked in oven with garlic oil.

Why garlic oil? Well my diet precludes onion and garlic (hence using asafoetida). However, the nasty in garlic is NOT soluble in oil so garlic oil gets the flavour but not the nasty – yeah, I love garlic!

Once done, I was exhausted and that was me for the day

Later on, I was working on MA stuff – reading and listening/watching

Sun 06-Oct-2019

Hmmm, my Hosting supplier moved my Blogs and although I think they are visible, I cannot get admin access to post updates at the moment. So, it’s not me being even more slow than usual, it’s a technical glitch, which I will get sorted as soon as I can, …

Well, it turns out (support only took 36 hours to respond) that yes, they moved my domains to a new (faster?) system, but they didn’t change the name servers to the new ones they want me to use. Why? I now have to manually change it for each one – blah! I’ll try and get the next blog out tomorrow evening if I can

Got our Websites back.

Ditto on the MA stuff – it takes me a LONG time to get through course material as I have to re-read and re-watch many times before I really absorb it.

Mon 07-Oct-2019

Not sure what happened today!

Tue 08-Oct2019

Office very tired left early – this is becoming the norm and concerning.

Wed 09-Oct2019

Starting to get very stressed. My learning agreement with Sheffield Hallam University says that I get copies of presentations five days before they are given. Despite it not being written, that apparently includes weekend. Ok, but so far, I only have two out of four and no idea when or even if the missing two will appear.

Sounds like a trivial issue, but as you will see in future blogs it isn’t.

Thu 10-Oct2019

No sleep from 2am, rubbish before midnight. All about how much can I trust the people delivering the course to deliver on the learning agreement? I’ve tried trusting people too often, now I require evidence and on the basis of what I’ve seen so far, I am distressed – hence lack of sleep.

Presentations are now available but I’m still twitchy as no explanation or apology. It’s like it’s not a problem (despite the fact I made it very clear it was for me)

As an autistic, dyslexic, I really do need time to process a power point before I see it presented. I have difficulty (i.e. can’t) listen and read. Reading means I miss all the extra words in the talking. Processing the talking without a framework from the slides – I end up having to replay the recording (I am allowed to make) at home and listen to the whole lecture again, this time having read the slides – very time consuming and I can’t participate in the flow of the sessions.

So yes, it really does make a difference – hence learning agreement that says 5 days and my requirement it’s kept

Sick around tea time – heavy retching and sick bowl but just phlegm. Took anti-nausea drugs but they can “loosen” up those bowels and yup, into bed around 8am and off we go and severe diarrhoea

Perfect end to a perfect day, except it wasn’t …

Fri 11-Oct2019

About 2:30am Teresa came downstairs for some Ibuprofen. Biggles had been on the bed with me. I rolled over, Jane came on the bed and suddenly I felt wet – yup Jane was weeing on the bed – it is something she does, we think it’s because she was annoyed Biggles had been there and also, I was not laying how she wanted me to (in hindsight although she has that tendency anyway, the kidney disease affects bladder for them, …).

Anyway, I enlisted Teresa’s help and we stripped and changed the bed, duvet included. Oh, what a happy pair we were at 3am!!!

Unacceptable’ delays in diagnosing secondary breast cancer

Cancer is never cured, once it’s struck there will always be a risk it will strike again. We must remain vigilant even when “cured”. I’m fortunate in a way, I know I’m incurable I will never face that “oh no” moment (well apart from the time I was diagnosed but we all get that moment.


The incident with Jane and wee did add to the list of concerns we had and subsequent trip to the vet confirmed it, however more on that in later blogs.

Now there are two of us with problematic kidneys, however that hasn’t happened yet in the chronology of these blogs, I’m just so far behind writing them up.

Issues with the MA are just starting to brew, at the time of writing I think “it’s all over”, we shall see.

The Bean, Pendeen, 27-Oct2019

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